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  • Help Texas Payday Law Texas

    Under the "Texas Pay Day Law" a company is required to send a laid-off employee their final paycheck within six Calender days of their last day worked. It has been eight days since my lay-off. I have no doubt that I will receive my paycheck. My question is what if any action can I take against my former employer other than filling a wage claim with the Texas Workforce Commission? Could I receive any compensation from my former employer for not following Texas State Laws??

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    If by "lay-off", you mean separation from employment status, not "inactive" status subject to recall, that is correct.

    You could sue in small claims, but what would you sue for? In other words, what are your monetary damages? By the time you did that, or filed a claim with the TWC, you will almost certainly have your check.

    Have you contacted the employer? What do they say?
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      yes that is what is mean by lay-off. I was laid-off for reduction of work force.
      And yes I almost certain I will have my check by the end of the week. But that does not dismiss the fact that a state law was broken. As for monetary damages, no not really i had all my major bills taken care of i.e (electric, phone, cable) but my auto payment will now be late the stress i've had to deal with for that. Which also in turn further damages my credit rating and lessons my chances of owning a home in the future.


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        One late payment isn't going to affect your credit rating much, if at all. You can't sue for something that might happen in the future.

        You can report it or not report it to the TWC, and the employer may or may not be fined.
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