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Texas - Employer editing worker's signed timesheets without worker's knowledge Texas

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  • Texas - Employer editing worker's signed timesheets without worker's knowledge Texas


    My employer has recently notified us to be more exact with the times we post on our time-sheets because it apparently takes too long to CORRECT our time-sheets every pay period. I have yet to confront her about the matter but it seems that this has been going on for some time without our consent. We are required to sign our timesheets every pay-period to confirm that those are the hours we worked. Can an employer alter those hours after we have signed the document without our consent or knowledge?

    Thank you!

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    Are the right corrections being made to the time sheets? Are you getting paid for the correct hrs./all hrs. worked?
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      I thought I was, but now it may seem as though my employer has been cutting it short. There may or may not be times where I should be getting paid, but my employer deducts. I wouldn't have a way of knowing as they change it behind my back.

      Let me explain - we work different shifts every week. We are required to sign in with our card when we get there, however, sometimes we are required to go set up as soon as we get there (we get called when we're on our way) and thus don't sign in until a bit later. Therefore It seems that my employer may have relied on those times, or the times we are "supposed" to work (sometimes we need to stay beyond our initial shift to take down equipment). The end result is that my timesheet is being changed after I've submitted and signed it without my consent. Can an employer do that? Can they change my hours according to what they think I should have?
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        "Set-up" time is almost certainly hours worked. How long does this set-up take and what are you "setting up"?

        The violation of law is not the changing of the time card as such (the legal requirement for recordkeeping belongs to the employer, not the employee and, although it may be best practice to have employees indicate their approval of time card changes, it is not required by the FLSA), but the failure to pay for all time worked.

        Start keeping a separate record of your time worked, at home, in a notebook is fine. Then compare your paycheck to your records and see where you stand.
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          Thank you Pattymd,

          the set up time is usually 20 minutes or so. And thereby the time deducted is probably only a few hours. We set up AV equipment for events in the building, so it's a time-sensitive matter.

          I guess when i signed my time sheet, it was a legal document, and as such my employer was editing a legal document, but apparently that's not the case.

          Who gets to say the end-all as far as hours worked? what happens in the case where the employer isn't there when you worked but believes you worked less than listed on the time sheet?


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            That would definitely be "hours worked".

            Time reports are not "legal documents"; in fact there is no law that even requires the employer to have employees fill out or sign their own time reports.

            The FLSA has decided already.

            You can file a claim for unpaid wages with the TWC.
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              That's a surprising response, but good thing to know. Thank you for your help.


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