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what is considered a hardship for UEI? New York

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  • what is considered a hardship for UEI? New York

    Hello group. we live in buffalo NY. my husband was laid off from his job in June of 2007. After receiving benefits for 4 moths, he found a job through a recruiter, but the job is in Omaha NE. Plan was for us to sell the house a move and join hi afer 3 months. Along came recession. Bottom line: house didn't sell, we are here, he is there. He pays to come home every 5 weeks or so, and pays for an apartment there. Not sure how much longer we can keep this up, especially considering we have a child. Very tough on all. plus not sure i want to leave my job, home, sons school etc, ...

    I called NYS unemployment and there cannot give me an answer re: quitting his job and being eligible for benefits. I know that if I had quit and moved to join him in NE, I would have been eligible.

    SHouldn't he be eligible for UIE if he quits because it is a hardship on us (he simply could not find s ajob here and we did have every intenetion of mvoing out there),

    Any advice, suggestions or comments? THanks

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    SHouldn't he be eligible for UIE if he quits because it is a hardship on us I'm afraid that's not likely.

    FYI, your husband's UC claim would be filed in Nebraska, not NY, and only they can tell him for sure. Chances are they won't though as they're not in the business of "incenting" people to quit their jobs based on eligibility for UC benefits. Your husband might want to ask an employment law attorney in Nebraska and get an expert opinion.


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