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Not getting paid hours worked - California California

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  • Not getting paid hours worked - California California

    We have a new timecard system that is just awful. Apparently if you don't click specific buttons it just doesn't pay you even though you were scheduled to work the hours and did work the hours. This has now happened to me for the last two paycheck (I'm paid weekly and it covers the previous week). Once I find that I'm missing a whole day pay on per my bank statement I have to send an email to someone to fix. And because I can't see that pay period I don't know if I worked overtime or not so I'm not sure if they just change it to a straight 8 hours and are shorting me.

    Is this legal? I heard that you had to be paid for your scheduled hours regardless and if you didn't punch that you were taking a day off that they had to resolve that later but at a minimum they had to pay your scheduled hours.

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    No, they don't have to assume you worked your "scheduled hours". But you do have to be paid for all time worked. Certainly some supervisor who knows when his/her employees worked has to sign off on these records before the file is transmitted to payroll; who is responsible for doing that?
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      My boss is in another state

      the person approving/checking these are in a different state and they just hit accept without notifying any of us that it appears our paycheck may be short. This is happening to all of us and not just isolated to me. It's very annyoying and I'm going into to poorhouse and becoming unable to pay my bills because of continously being shorted, then they make it up but then I'm taxed at a higher rate.


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        Can you send an email to the supervisor when you have made an error, or the system does not accept your entry or allow you to correct it? That way, the supervisor would know up front that there was a potential problem.
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