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Not paying Per Employee Agreement Alabama

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  • Not paying Per Employee Agreement Alabama

    I work at a facility that employs approx. 30 people. When we were hired we were given an employee handbook. In this it outlines many various things relating to our employment. Among these were the terms for paid time off, to include holidays and vacations, as well as paid day off for birthday. There are provisions that state that due to reasons to be determined by the employer that when requesting yearly vacation time , or other paid time off, it may be rescheduled. Due to the economic turndown we have reduced our staffing to a bare minimum. The employer has used this to determine that we no longer have the personnel to cover all areas of our business. This means that although we have legitimate vacation time accrued, we will not be granted the time off. Originally the terms put to us was that although the time off would not be approved we could request our vacation salary. Now we are told that not only can't we take the vacation time we also will not be paid. No time off will be approved with pay for any reason. I realize the quick answer would be to find another job. Many of these employees have been with the company for a number of years and want to stay out of loyalty to their fellow employees. Just looking for a little input from others.

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    The employer is not required to approve vacation time when the employee wants it. Neither is the employer legally required to let you cash out any or all of your vacation time.

    Sorry, but this is something you're going to have to work out, if you can, internally. An employee handbook very rarely rises to the level of an enforceable contract and even if it did, unless the policy stated that the employer could not deny vacation requests under any circumstances, it probably wouldn't be an issue anyway.
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