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Travel Time Florida

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  • Travel Time Florida

    My company requires me to drive the company commericial vehicle (wrapped with the company logos) to travel to certain events. The drive is up to 8 hours away and requires overnight stays. The vehicle that I drive contains thousands of pieces of company product that will be used at the event as well as other employees. I do understand not being paid outside of time commuting (ex. hotel time, meal), but my company currently only pays for travel time that occurs during normal work hours (29 CFR 785.39). Should all of the travel time be paid for since I am considering to be working while traveling (29 CFR 785.41)? What course of action should I take if my company refuses to pay for this time?

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    You can file a claim with the federal DOL or a civil suit in Florida. Florida, for all intents and purposes, did away with it's Dept. of Labor several years ago.

    Whether or not the travelling outside of regular working hours would constitute "work time" because of the logo-ed vehicle is iffy at best, but it can't hurt to try.

    You ARE nonexempt, right?
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      Yes I am non-exempt. I was thinking that the wording of this law " Any work which an employee is required to perform while traveling
      must, of course, be counted as hours worked. An employee who drives a
      truck, bus, automobile, boat or airplane, or an employee who is required
      to ride therein as an assistant or helper, is working while riding,
      except during bona fide meal periods or when he is permitted to sleep in
      adequate facilities furnished by the employer." would back my case.


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        Can't hurt to take a shot, you have nothing to lose. A civil suit in Florida, however, has the possibility of double damages; the federal DOL does not.
        I don't respond to Private Messages unless the moderator specifically refers you to me for that purpose. Thank you.


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