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auto dealer mechanice in Texas

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  • auto dealer mechanice in Texas

    I'm a dealer mechanic in Texas and was wondering about overtime compensation.

    We get paid completely based on commision, so if there is no work, then we get no compensation.

    Reviewing other posts on here and trying to read the flsa website, (im no lawyer so reading through 70 pages of legal jargin on the texas workforce commision would probably confuse me rather than help me find the specific info i'm looking for) I find that many states are required to pay overtime in flagging situations.

    We are currently working a 4-10 schedule, however at the first of the year, it's changing to a 5 day work schedule, that will consist of 5 9 hour days and every third saturday (for an 8 hour shift). so 45 hours a week and 53 on a sat rotation, is the amount of time I am required to be there. I'm wondering if they should be paying us some form of overtime, or if there is some way for them to get out of paying it.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated on the topic.


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    To my knowledge, Texas is not one of the few states (if there even are any, California would be my first guess) that has additional overtime pay requirements for your type of work in your industry. Federal law does not require it (it's one of the myriad of exceptions).

    Your total flag rate for the workweek, when divided by your total hours worked (at the facility, even if you're just waiting for customers is time worked), must equal at least minimum wage. That's about it.
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      Texas Overtime

      Texas has no overtime laws for any industry. If overtime is required to be paid by an employer, it is required by the FLSA, not State law.

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