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Question about Salaried Employees Michigan

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  • Question about Salaried Employees Michigan

    I am a production supervisor at a international auto parts manufacturer/supplier in Michigan. I am a salaried employee who does not receive any type of additional compensation for any overtime work outside of my regular bi-weekly wages. Because I'm not paid for overtime, I'm quite sure this categorizes me as exempt.

    This week HR informed the company that sometime during the month of Janurary 2009, our departments will not be working for 1 week due to slow times and due to the fact that our orders have decreased. This obviously leaves hourly associates without a week's pay. After the meeting there have been rumors that Salaried employees will not be paid as well. Is this something that HR can do or will I still receive my normal pay for this "unexpected" week off, barring that I am not required to report to work that week?

    Thanks in advance..

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    The rules on the docking of Exempt Salaried employees are the 29 CFR 541.602 regulations. Under the rules the employer can legally dock an Exempt Salaried employee for any workweek in which no work was done.
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      Thanks for the response..

      The only question I have regarding this is, in section 541.602 it also states the following...

      "If the employee is ready, willing and
      able to work, deductions may not be made for time when work is not

      Does this apply to upcoming week when we might be required to stay home due to our departments not working?


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        The cite DAW refers to overrides the "available for work" clause.
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