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verbal harassment Texas

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  • verbal harassment Texas

    I work on an assembly line with fellow co-workers. In the past we had several others breaking down boxes full of parts to be assembled. But lately the extra help has been re-located to other areas in the plant. So we no longer have their help. We have to do it ourselves and it takes time. So much time, lately we have not been able to meet production totals for the day. Every day when we can not meet the production totals for the day.
    We get lectured by the plant manager. Who keeps making reference to, if we can not make the totals, we will be replaced.

    The company has different projects. One or two have recently ended. The work force works on a first come first serve basis. They were there first.

    When the plant manager makes the reference "we will be replaced". He means we will be replaced by others in the plant that do not have work. They will be in and we will be out. But we don't know what the word "out" means. Could mean "terminated" or "temporary layoff". We got tired of getting his intimidating lectures. We got together and went to HR to complain.

    Twenty minutes later, the plant manager asked us to follow him to his office. And we got another lecture for a hour an a half. One of the topics brought up was the plant manager can take time off any week he wants when he wants, not because he has to, because he makes more money. Why that was brought up is beyond me. Or other topics like; well look at all I did for you? ( I guess he was making reference to "I hired you from a temp to perm") or you didn't have any problems before? No it wasn't, we extra help! But the plant manager talked the whole time. HR wasn't even there to give us support. I guess he has HR in his back pocket, (fear of being replaced). When it was all said and done. We all figured we just made his hit list. The trouble we caused him. We don't expect to be working there much longer. It has happened in other areas of the plant. But nobody had the guts to do anything about it. What we did, did it do any good? We doubt it.

    Can anything be done?

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    There is nothing really illegal being done by the plant manager. This seems to be one of those have to put up with it or leave situations. Sorry.

    What did HR say when you talked to them?
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      plant manager

      That's their way of getting you worried and there is nothing you can do about that. I'm not saying it's right but people do seem to like playing with people's MINDS. We all worry about how are rent is going to get paid or where you could find another job and it's sad that these managers play games with people. Just hope that don't start talking about sexual situations and they will do you a favor, ALWAYS stay away fron those situations, but if they do you can and should file a lawsuit against them. It's one thing if you would encourage it and another if you feel you are forced.


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