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California question unemployment extension

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  • California question unemployment extension

    Hello, I live in California and was laid-off from my job in November of 2007. I filed my unemployment claim in December of 2007. I exhausted my 26 week claim benefits, without landing any new job despite several resumes sent out and many interviews. Then in July I believe it was, a federal unemployment extension was passed for an additional 13 weeks of claim benefits. I exhasted these 13 weeks as well, with still no new job opportunity landed. :-( Then on a Thursday towards the end of October, I started working for a company through a staffing agency. I worked for 4 hours going through training/orientation, and was expecting to return to work the very next day. Then Thursday night I received a phone call from the staffing agency saying that I was not to return to work on Friday per the clients request. There were no other available opportunities with the staffing agency and no other job interviews have panned out thus far. I'm eagerly looking for work and have had several interviews since then, but no callbacks as of yet. I heard today that another extension of unemployment benefits has passed the house and senate, and is now awaiting presidential signature to be adopted into law. My question is this, if this extension is passed into law, will I be able to receive unemployment benefits again? If so, what will happen when my claim year is up next month (December of 2008)? Will I then need to file a new unemployment claim? Will I qualify for benefits since I have only worked 4 hours this year? Sorry for the lengthy story, but am just really confused and scared at this point. I have bills piling up and a house I'm desperately trying not to lose (my american dream I achieved just a few short months before being laid-off in November of 2007). Thanks in advance to your response.

    yours truly,
    worried, scared and confused

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    I understand your concern. Unfortunately, I don't know how much we can tell you yet about how this extension will be administered and who will be eligible for extended benefits. Each state determines the process it will use. Shoot, I'm still not clear about how the last extension was administered.

    Try the state website (where you file your continuing claims) periodically for updates.
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      I'm in a similar situation

      I too was on Federal extention recently. I just received a letter in the mail for a new claim because I had worked for a 6 weeks from a temp agency for (deleted) in october when the bank crisis struck. I was let go when the business went dry. My new claim is on those minimal wages and is set for 69 dollars. I have yet to contact edd to see if this is a mistake. I was receiving 424 under the first extenstion with 16 of my first 20 weeks exausted. I would still have 17 more weeks at the higher rate if I had not worked at all, thats encourging.

      Well Good Luck,

      I dont think 4 hours should be enough for a claim. I believe you have to make at least 400 to qualify for a new claim. I wish I hadn't made so much money.
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