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  • uniforms

    The company I work for requires that we wear uniforms with the company name on the shirts. They make us buy the uniforms from the company. Its getting cold out now so I started wearing my jacket but they said we had to wear company jackets but we have to buy them if we want one or don't wear a jacket. I feel since it has company name and we can't get are own then they should supply us with the uniforms. Am I wrong?

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    There is no such federal requirement. What state are you talking about?
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      The state is SC. So guess ill have to freeze then .


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        You spoke too soon, that's why DAW asked what state. Unfortunately, SC requires the employer only to pay for (most) personal protective equipment, such as safety glasses, steel-toed boots, etc.

        Can you purchase them from the company (or through the company-authorized vendor) and pay through payroll deductions over time? Such deductions cannot bring you below minimum wage.

        Not saying this is fair. Personally, I think employers should pay for specialty clothing. However, your state doesn't require it. How about a heavy sweater or similar underneath the shirt? Better than nothing.
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          My company orders the stuff and keeps it in a storage room till someone needs something. And yes they Just take it out of your check. They said it has to be company issued. I told them to " issue" me a jacket and I would wear it. My definition for issued was different than theirs. And yes wal-mart is on my to do list for under shirts


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