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Min. pay for mandatory meeting on day off? California

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  • Min. pay for mandatory meeting on day off? California

    I work an 8 hr overnight shift (10:30p-7a) and my employer often has mandatory meetings I am required to attend during the day (1pm). Is the meeting at the OT rate? Also, if it is my day off is there a minimum amount of time they must pay for these meetings?

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    Good question.
    I think it would be also important to know when your company's work day starts.


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      Assuming that you are a Non-Exempt employee, then you must be paid at least minimum wage. It is possible to pay a meeting a different rate then normal, but the employee has to be notified of this prior to the meeting.

      Regarding overtime calculations.

      The regular rate of pay cannot be less than the minimum wage. The regular rate includes all remuneration for employment except certain payments excluded by the Act itself. Payments which are not part of the regular rate include pay for expenses incurred on the employer's behalf, premium payments for overtime work or the true premiums paid for work on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, discretionary bonuses, gifts and payments in the nature of gifts on special occasions, and payments for occasional periods when no work is performed due to vacation, holidays, or illness.
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