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Cutting an Employees hours vs. company wide hours California

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  • Cutting an Employees hours vs. company wide hours California

    Please advise me if this is legal. If this is not leagal where can I find the labor section to read on this?

    At the beganing of a work week an employee and manager have a discuss about changing from 32/hrs a wk to 40/hrs a wk. Additional hours where approved. At the end of the week the manager calls a last minute meeting advising all employees (company wide) will be getting there hours cut do to company hardship/economical reasons and that some employees are getting layed off; this will also be effective immediately. In this particular department there are 4 employees and one manager. In the same meeting the manager anounces that there department will not have to let anyone go yet but will have to reduce hours in the department and that the cut back will really only effect one employee and her hours will be reduced by 50%. When the question arised of "Who will cover the hours that are cut from that employee," the response was that an employee from another department will be asked to fill in the slot. At this time the employee who's hours are cut is not sure why this only reflect on her schedule but was called a company wide cut back.

    Starting the next work week the employee comes to work for her 1/2 day shift and finds out that the person picking up the hours she lost is still getting a full day schedule. This person is know working 8/hrs a day, 4/hrs in each department. The employee who got their hours reduce is know working 4/hrs a day 6 days a week instead of their normal 8/hrs a day 5 days a week.

    1. The manager embarassed the employee by stating in the meeting that this was company wide but only effect one employee in the department. Shouldn't this have been told privatley?

    2. In the end the department is getting the same amount of total hours a week. The only change is that one employee has split her hours with another employee from another department. This seems unfair to pull someone from another department in instead of letting the original worker keep the hours.

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    Minus a cba or employment contract this is legal


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      Doesn't this seem unfair?


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        I didnt say it was fair only that I said it was legal


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          Originally posted by rayonayon View Post
          This seems unfair to pull someone from another department in instead of letting the original worker keep the hours.
          Unfair doesn't always equal illegal. This wasn't illegal unless there was a bona fide employment contract or CBA to the contrary or the employee was discriminated against only due to a reason prohibited by law (ie age, religion, gender).
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