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do i have a case Indiana

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  • do i have a case Indiana

    i work for a private fire dept i was given a five day suspension that i do not belive was just. when i was brought in to the meeting i was told that what they said was finale and the i could not appeal it. i was told that i had ordered some gear that was not athorized and that i would have to pay for it. whaich is not possible since i do not have authority to do and can not sign purchase orders. i was also accused of braking a policy that is not wriiten down or known about, and beacuse my boss said i have a negative attitude i have never recived a written or verbal warning on any of these things. which our employee manual requires. they also routinley have diffrent punishments for diffrent people ie some peeople go before a commitee where mine did not. any help would be appriciated

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    Unless we're talking about a CBA, any company policy regarding warnings, etc. is merely that and very rarely rises to the level of a legally enforceable obligation on the part of the employer.

    Suspensions are not normally addressed by law (only terminations), but if you feel that you have been singled out for disparate treatment because of, for example, your race, age, gender, religion, etc., you're free to contact the EEOC.
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