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Kids Doctors Appts - California

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  • Kids Doctors Appts - California

    Hi Everyone

    I’m having some issues with the company I work for and trying to find if there are any laws related to what they have been doing.

    This is a smaller business that has recently implemented some changes to vacation (without informing us)

    I work a 10 hour day with one hour for lunch and I am a salaried employee in the IT industry I also have Kids. Due to being in the IT industry there is a lot of afterhours work that needs to be done.

    Recently my son had a medical emergency that required me taking off short bouts of time to take him to the doctors (over a 3 day period) I tried to limit my time away by going near the end of the day and only taking 2 hours off work without taking lunch those days. (I also work a lot of evenings and weekends) to find that each time I took my son to the doctors I lost 4 hours of vacation time. As our current policy is that if you miss any time during the day for non sickness/doctors for self you use half a day if 4 hours or under. If you use more than 4 hours you lose a full 8 hours of vacation time. I did more then make up any missing hours during the evenings and weekends over the next couple of weeks.

    To me this just doesn’t seem right as I’m working from 8AM to 6PM with a one hour lunch break so if I skip lunch and take off at 4PM I end up losing 4 hours of vacation time to take my son to a doctors appt but still work a full 8 hour day.

    I want to mention that I rarely miss work and the month before this and the month after I never missed a single day (so this is not a pattern nor to I take a lot of sick time or time off at all)

    I just want to see if they are allowed to set a minimum number of hours for time away (again with no notice), Is there any law that is out there to help parents for things like doctor’s appts and is a company allowed to just change policies without informing the employees? (As had I known this I would have taken the whole half day off) and is there any options for time off when you work many extra hours?

    Thanks so much for you time reading this and I look forward to any responses.

    anonymous in California
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