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Oklahoma Labor Law - needing help!! Oklahoma

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  • Oklahoma Labor Law - needing help!! Oklahoma

    Recently I was hired as a bartender for a small club where I live. I was told before I could work I had to get my liquor license so I did and once I did that, they had me come in for training. First of all, I inquired about my pay during the interview after the owner had hired me. He said that he generally pays the bartenders more than the normal $3 whatever because of the amount of work involved in closing the bar (cleaning, taking out garbage, stocking the cooler, etc, etc..). No actual pay was discussed during the interview. After I got my liquor license I was called in to work the same night. I trained with the main bartender and the night was really busy. We made well over $200 in tips. But I noticed that at the end of the night, when the register was emptied, all the money from that night was placed into an envelope along with the tip monies and then deposited into the owners safe. I didn't make it home that night until 3:30 a.m. then after that I was instructed to come in on a Sunday evening and work until close. The owners wife was there when I got there, but she let me work the bar by myself as she sat on the opposite side and had a few drinks. I worked 4 hours by myself until another bartender came in and at that time, all 5 jars were full of money and several of the regulars that night told me how gorgeous I was in front of the owners wife and I didn't think too much of it. Anyway, I received a call from the owner at approximately 10 p.m. that night telling me that I could go ahead and go home and that there has been changes in the schedule and that he was going to call me that following Monday to let me know what was up.
    That Monday and Tuesday I was suppose to work. When I didn't hear from the owner during the day, I ended up calling his wife and she explained to me that I didn't have to work that week. One of the other bartenders didn't get to work much because she was in the hospital the whole weekend so they were letting her work my nights. That kind of ticked me off but I just let it go. But then I have been ignored since then. I was suppose to work last night, but no one had called me all week to tell me if I had to even work! There was no schedule at the bar. Every time I called the owner, he wouldn't answer. I had left so many messages on his cell that I filled the mailbox up. Finally I called his wife to find out what was going on. She tells me they can not afford to pay me while training because then they have to pay two people. So then I asked about my pay and she tells me she has no idea, that she has to talk to her husband about it. If I worked 4 hours on my own doesn't that mean I am beyond training? I have had a numerous amount of experience in restaurants/bars. I feel that I was lied to. I feel that I am discriminated upon because I am half Filipino and I generated more tip money than the other girls from the regulars at the bar. They never even discussed my pay up front before having me work and I never even filled out any paperwork. Every time I asked the boss he would say he would tell me later. But now they have let me go and I feel they are very shady and are not going to pay me my share of the tips and whatever it is I am owed. Have they broken laws here?

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    Federal tipped employees fact sheet.
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