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Unemployment California

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  • Unemployment California

    Ok, heres the deal. I was terminated from my last job after 5 years. Shortly after, I had applied for unemployment benefits and recieved them during the months of march through the end of may. I lived in Modesto, CA for 25 years now, and I had found an awesome job in Irvine, CA. Irvine is about 5 hours south of Modesto. I decided to take my $3000 I had saved and move to Irvine to work at my new job. I absolutely love it here in Irvine, but, unfortunately I didn't realize that it costs me alsmost double to live here than it does in Modesto. Although, he job pays very well, I'm struggling and the only way out is to move home where rent and other things are much cheaper. I've been working my new job for a little over three months now. The buisness has become very slow and I only recieve 3 day work weeks now(down from 5). I was struggling when I first came here and now I'm struggling even more. I applied for part-time UI and I will be recieving it shortly. But I'm afraid it's too late and I had to give my landlord my 30 days notice. Because I can't even make rent for next month. Now my question is: Because I'm moving back home am I able to recieve full benefits until I can find a new job back at home? Because if I can't I'm screwed either way. If I can't recieve them, does anyone have any suggestions?
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    If you quit your job you will likely be denied benefits


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      You can see if your state has a "welfare office" that may have programs to help the needy, in times of need. I am not sure of your state, but ours has a program that helps one time with rent, if you can prove you need it. I guess it depends on state fundings of such programs. Do you attend a church that you can ask for help from? When my daughter was first born, I did not have a home to call my own, and my church pastor offered a room in a house owned by the church. I agree with the above, you can not get the unemployment that you were entitled to for your last job, now it will be based on your present job only, and the last poster was right, if you quit, you will be denied benefits, even the little you have coming now. The UI will say you chose to make yourself unemployed and earning nothing, and they are not responsible. When you made this move, was there a contract you signed with the company, stating maybe that you would be guaranteed so many hours for so long, and so much money?? Just curious.


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