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Quit Job*Independent Contractor*Final Paycheck*MI Michigan

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  • Quit Job*Independent Contractor*Final Paycheck*MI Michigan

    I worked in a Massage Clinic in Michigan and quit today. I am classified as an independent contractor.

    My boss messes with my paycheck every week and I just snapped today. When I quit, she told me I would have to make an appointment with her to pick up my final paycheck. I told her I would be in on the next payday to pick it up. I have a feeling she is going to withhold or mess with my pay some more.

    As an independent contractor, do I have any recourse if I am not paid? I know by law in Michigan, an employer is required to furnish the last paycheck on the next pay period. Is this true of IC??

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    Assuming that you are legally an IC (and not an employee), then you are not subject to Labor Law at all, only Contract Law. There is no such thing as a paycheck or pay period for an IC. An IC is a vendor like a plumber. An IC's normal recourse would be small claims court or a general court action, just like any other vendor.

    This is course assume that legally you really are an IC.
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      I do not belive the IC status is applicable to you in your line of work... Go pick up your check, if not ready for pick, file a claim with the federal DOL-Wage Hour Division, for the last pay check, including any overtime that you may have work, if any...

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        Originally posted by ArmyRetCW3 View Post
        I do not belive the IC status is applicable to you in your line of work... ...

        It's not impossible. We don't know the details of the agreement, the work rules, the compensation structure, etc.
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