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Company stole money form me...I think? Oklahoma

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  • Company stole money form me...I think? Oklahoma

    Hello. I am new here and hope that some of my questions can be answered. I welcome any response with gratitude.

    So here's the thing...I was recently fired from a job after 1 month not too long ago without notice or reason. My job performance was on par (i was on track for making my quota for the month, and was performing the required tasks daily-in fact, I was doing better by that time in the month than some of this company's veterans) and nothing was presented to me in writing. I wasn't warned about anything that I could have been doing wrong. I was always on time. I was just let go very suddenly. I was stunned and embarrassed, so I just kind of snuck in and grabbed my stuff and left.

    I know I don't have a lot of options as far as wrongful termnation since I live in an employment at will state (OK). I still haven't gotten an explanation for my firing and the only thing I can think of is that I was 1 of only 2 women working in that department of about 50-100 men at any given time and that I was singled out because of this. But, I don't have any evidence of this, other than my word that I was sexually harassed on a daily basis.

    My question is this. I received 2 paychecks from this company, both out of which they took out a huge chunk (somewhere around 300, the checks were for 1000 each) for a total of 600 in 'training' that I did not get a fair chance to utilize (the 'on the job training period' was supposed to be 90 days, after which the payments were paid back to the employee) plus some deductions for business cards, small stuff, etc, again, that I didn't get to use. Am I entitled to this money back? What are my legal recourses? I still have the check stubs and the paper that says the money would be paid back, but it also states that 90 day period, of which I only worked 1 month.

    I am also wondering if I am entitled to the commission that I earned during the time that I worked. That is another 500 or so that I feel like I've been screwed out of. (The previous month's commissions are paid out on the 10th of the next month so that cycle hasnt passed yet). I am hesitant to approach my former employers on my own since I feel like this was some sort of conspiracy! I just want to know if I have some legal backing or if I am just out of luck. Any input is appreciated. Thanks!

    P.S I am still waiting on my pending unemployment benefits, which I am sure they will try and take from me too -_- I mean, I have bills to pay...I am monetarily eligible, but it's still pending after 2 and a half weeks...)

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    The employer doesn't decide who gets UC. That is up to the state entirely and it is not unusual at all for it to take a month or even more for a completely clean, uncontested claim.

    What was this $600 for exactly? Was this payment for time spent in required training or the cost of the training itself which would be paid if you stayed on for at least 90 days? Is there anything in writing regarding any of these costs that were deducted?

    As for commissions, what did your commission agreement say about when they were earned? Why wouldn't you just call and ask if you can expect payment or not and when? We can only guess.

    You mention sexual harassment. What did this consist of and did you report it to anyone?
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      Thanks for replying.

      I don't 100% agree that the state is totally responsible for unemployment. From what I've experienced, read, and heard, a lot of people who should have been eligible to recieve the 'insurance' have been denied due to false statements from their former employers. It actually happened to me once.

      What I have in writing does state that after 90 days the training pay was to be repaid to the employee. The training deduction was to pay for some hack to come in and give a seminar for 3 days. There were about 10 people in our particular class. What steams me is that I was one of the top performers from that class, and I was fired even though there were guys that were constantly late and had poor performance. But yes, there is a written statement of this and the commission structure. There were no employee manuals per se, and from what I saw nothing that said 'employee must be with the company to recieve commission' or anything to that effect.

      If they DID have something like that but I was never shown nor gave my signature to such a document, would it apply to me? On the flipside, what if they DIDNT have anything like that? Like I said, I am hesitant to contact these jerks on my own. I am still young and pretty unversed in employment law. I'm sure that they've got their own shady lawyers and people to back them up, while I don't have many resources available to me at all. Whick is why I am seeking advice.

      I didn't report the sexual harassment, mainly because of my short stay and sudden departure. It had gotten worse right at the end of my employment, and my supervisors were all involved in the behavior with the exception of 1 or 2 people.

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        The state IS 100% responsible for making the decision regarding UI.
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          The state still is the one who awards or denies UC. There is no way to prevent either side from making false statements, but you can certainly appeal. The state is who decides the most credible side and whether or not the reason for unemployment is one which qualifies you for benefits as provided by law and regulation.

          There is no point in debating what a hypothetical policy might or might not have said and whether it may or may not have to have been signed. Too many variables and it doesn't matter anyway as you don't even know such a thing exists.

          Most the the answers to your questions can be found here

          You still haven't explained what you considered sexual harassment so I can't really comment on that.
          I post with the full knowledge and support of my employer, though the opinions rendered are my own and not necessarily representative of their position. In other words, I'm a free agent.


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