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Credit Card taken away....

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  • Credit Card taken away....

    I wait tables, and I recently had quite an unusual experience. 3 people eating...bill was $58.23. Man paying with credit card....In the tip line he wrote $110.00, and then wrote $168.23 on the total line. I cashed out after my shift and clocked out. The manager coming in for the next shift seen it and said the tip was too high, and he said the man could of been drinking and could of made a mistake.(This oncoming manager who took the tip away never seen this table, and the man was NOT drunk!) He went into the system and changed the tip from $110.00 to $10.00. I then had to give $100.00 of my tip-out back to the restaurant. Please someone help me out with this. If the man wrote the tip, the CORRECT total, and signed it, how can my manager justify making me give $100.00 back to the restaurant. (LOUISIANA)

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    What state?
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      Louisiana....sorry I thought I wrote it at the end of the post.


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        Sorry, didn't see it.

        The manager changing what the customer signed could very well be fraud, although I doubt seriously the customer is going to complain when he gets the bill, even if he even notices the difference. Having said that, the restaurant is going to get only $68.23, so they would be out $100 if they were to cash out the tip at the original amount.

        Give the federal Dept. of Labor a call and ask them about this. I'm doubting they will agree that this is permissible, since tips are the sole property of the recipient.
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          A tip of $110 on a bill of $58 is not normal. At least not in my limited experience.

          I don't blame the manager for calling it into question. I don't know how he could take care of the interests of the customer (verifying that the amount written was what was intended). Maybe contacting the CC company and having them contact the customer (assuming the restaurant had no contact info). That would mean not submitting the information for payment and not paying the server for the generous tip until it was confirmed.
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