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schedule question Massachusetts

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  • schedule question Massachusetts

    Hi everyone, im new here and just had a question about work schedules, this applies to MA.

    I work at a company where my position is 24-flex, meaning I have no set schedule, and that I can work any day adding up to 24 hours. Now since Ive been there, this has not applied, and ive done anywhere from 32-45ish hours a week. Thats fine with me, as long as im told in advanced. I don't even get the benefits of full time work even though I work the hours. Regardless, I still do it without question.

    Anyway, my real question is this. If im given my schedule on lets say Friday, it is the schedule for the next two weeks. This is printed on a sheet and hung inside an cabinet at work. Now, my manager wrote me in with pen on a Thursday because one of her friends wanted a week of vacation and told her this on Sunday. She crossed her out for the week and split the hours between everyone else, without asking. Personally, I didn't care about that because I was given ample notice about working. I just found out yesterday that when she came in Thursday morning, she had wrote me in to work on Friday without asking or even telling me. I found this out after glancing at my schedule 10 minutes before my shift ended that day. Can she just randomly take someone off the schedule and force me to work there shift without even a days notice or without telling me to come in? I don't have esp, and if I didin't look at the schedule i would assume it was my day off because it had been since Wednesday. And id also like to point out that she go's out and party's with this guy after work, and it just so happens that its her day off too.

    Appreciate any help I can get with this issue.

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    No state has any laws that prohibit an employer from making changes to a schedule, or requires any particular amount of notice of schedule changes. I don't think much of your manager's management skills, but she did not violate any laws.
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