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Video for website Illinois

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  • Video for website Illinois

    Hi! Thanks in advance for any help that comes my way.

    I work for an advertising company as a print designer, and I am being required to be part of a company video that will be used on their website. I've been given a script and lines to read (lines that I'm not too thrilled about saying) and when I mentioned that I was uncomfortable being on camera -- something that was never discussed at the time of my hiring and something I've never been asked to do before at any other company -- I was told that this was required.

    Is this legal? Can they fire me for not being in their video? Do I have to read the script they hand me?

    It's in Illinois, and while I do speak to clients, it seems like there's a difference between making the occasional pitch in person and having a video of me up on the internet that I have no control over.

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    Yes, this is a legal assignment. Why they would want someone on a video who isn't comfortable with it (which is probably going to show in your "performance") is beyond me, but if youn normally meet with customers/clients, you should be more comfortable than you think.
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      Am I allowed to rewrite my lines?

      I don't mean to be picky, because it's probably a done deal already and it's not worth getting fired over, but it sounds like you're saying that anyone involved in customer service in any way is obligated to read any lines that are put in front of them for a web video?

      What if this company continues to use this video long after I've stopped working there? What if people can google my name and find me saying ridiculous things? My only recourse would be to quit before filming this afternoon?

      Anyway, thanks again for your help. If this is truly the way the law is, I think I'll have to start bugging my representatives.


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        It's not that there is a law that specifically says that this is ok. It's that there is no law that says that it's not illegal. In the absence of a law that would make the employer's behavior illegal, the employer is behaving lawfully. There's also no law that would make it illegal for them to fire you for refusing to cooperate.

        I'm with Patty -- I don't understand why the company would want to use someone who is so uncomfortable with the project.
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          I'm not sure why this is such a sticking point for you but if you have some legitimate concern with having your name and face on the web, talk to your employer about it. Thinking they are lousy writers isn't going to cut it. If you can think of a better way of saying what they wish you to convey, you are certainly welcome to ask if you can change the wording but there is no law that says they must let you word the sales pitch. There may be a good reason they chose the wording they did.

          If you are that nervous, ask to do a run through a few times with the camera there but not on. Once you feel comfortable, have them run it with the camera on but not tell you that. I do this with my munchkins (I'm a speech coach) when I'm taping their performances and want a realistic portrayal of that performance. For some reason when I just turn on the camera, suddenly they all become soap opera actors or robots.
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