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Company vehicle fuel use reinbursement question. Arizona

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  • Company vehicle fuel use reinbursement question. Arizona

    I 'm in contruction in Arizona. The company I work for allows us use of a take home company truck. Fuel reinbursement is 27 cents per mile tracked by gps. I however, cannot take a vehicle home, HOA restrictions and lack of parking space rule that out. So I have to pick up the comany truck from the shop in the morning and retun it at the end of the day. Here's the problem, 27 cents per mile doesn't come close to breaking even when the truck they have me driving gets 10MPG. I'm having to put $50 to $60 of my own cash in the tank just to get through the week, that's over $200 a month! 100% work use in company vehicle should equal 100% reinbusement. Is there any actual law on this I can look up and show them. I feel like I'm being royally screwed here. I'm also told that I'm not permitted to use my own vehicle. Forced to use their gas hog truck, forced to pay out of pocket for gas not cover by reinbusement, or forced to find another job. What do I do?

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    Unfortunately, Arizona is not one of the two states which requires reimbursement for personally-incurred business expenses. I'm not saying I agree with the employer making you pay for ANY gas (especially these days) for the company vehicle; all I'm saying is that there is no law that requires them to reimburse you for what you spend.

    Keep very careful records. You may be able to claim the unreimbursed expenses on your 1040 if you itemize.
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