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Withholding of Commission- Arizona. Arizona

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  • Withholding of Commission- Arizona. Arizona

    I already checked on so I am hoping that someone has some additional information for me.

    If someone is paid hourly plus commission and the commission part of their paycheck is being withheld due to some type if investigation- how long can it be withheld for? He has already been told on several occasions that he will get the full amount, but it has yet to happen. Also this "investigation" is going nowhere because nothing has been done wrong... but its not being confidential at all so everyone in the entire company knows about it and yet nothing is getting resolved and no one is given a date on when he will get paid.

    Can this be considered borderline slander due to the fact that nothing has or will be proven from this investigation and it is being talked about by people who are not involved and spreading all over everywhere making him look bad?

    It is almost time for the next paycheck, and he has not even received the previous one in full from the 22nd.

    Is there any limit on time frames that things like this can go on for before we can complain to someone? It is not a small amount being withheld either.

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