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Deducting vacation from final pay Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey

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  • Deducting vacation from final pay Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey

    I'm doing some research and I was wondering if someone in here could give me some guidance. I'm trying to figure out if an employee uses vacation (or PTO) time before it is earned, whether or not they have to pay that money back to the employer upon separation and how the employer can get the money back. I'm looking pretty much at all states.

    It seems to me that pretty much most states (minus California), will just enforce whatever agreement exists between the employer and the employee. Some states require that the employer have written authorization to deduct the money from the last pay check, but other states consider it a prepayment of wages and you don't need written authorization. But, whether you can deduct that money also depends on whether an employee has exempt status or not. Does this seem about accurate?

    Any ideas on where to look for some more information? Mainly I'm trying to figure out which states consider it a prepayment of wages.

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    We don't do homework.
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      Forgive me for being confused and asking for some help.


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        If this is an actual question regarding your situation, then which state is it? If so, are you the employee or the employer?
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