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15 minute breaks Michigan

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  • 15 minute breaks Michigan

    i work in Michigan. this is my first job in Michigan the place i work only gives a 30 min break no matter if u work 5 hours or 8 hours and i was wondering bout 10-15 min breaks are they suppose to give someone a break every few hours on top of the 30 lunch break? i have asked everyone i think would have had the answer but no one does. Can you please clear this up foe me ? thank you

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    The only law Mi. has re meal/rest breaks is that a minor (a person under 18) cannot be employed for more than five hours continuously without at least a 30 minute meal and rest period.
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      In all of the United States, SOME hotel employees in Illinois are entitled to a 15 minute rest break morning and afternoon. That is the ONLY place where the adult employees of private employers are entitled to 15 minute breaks under the law.

      A very small handful of states require 10 minute breaks for every four hours worked. Michigan is not one of them.

      Approximately half the states require lunch breaks of varying lengths. Again, as Betty points out, Michigan is not one of them, at least for employees over the age of 18. If you are getting a 30 minute lunch break, you are getting 30 minutes more than the law requires.

      Don't get me wrong; I believe employees ought to be given both rest and meal breaks. But so far, the law of many states, including yours, has not seen fit to implement my point of view as law.
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        thank you

        thank you to you both for clearing that up for me. i would like for anyone else who has input on this to please let me know.


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          Originally posted by lady88400 View Post
          anyone else who has input on this to please let me know.
          What kind of input?

          No poster can make the current law go away or require a company to do more than the law requires.

          Only nineteen of the fifty states require meal breaks. Michigan is not one of those, so the employer is doing more than the law requires. Only eight states have other break requirements and Michigan is certainly not one of those.
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