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Hostile situation

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  • Hostile situation

    I’m a mid level manager that works for a large corporation that has many smaller franchises. In an effort to see some of our local sites become more consistent in it’s practices our office manager contacted our corporate office with a question that was borne out of a conversation that she and I had on the matter.

    Several days later while in the office I was approached by my supervisor and asked to go to the back room; not knowing what to expect I was caught off guard when he began screaming at me and pounding on the conference table with a legal pad. I was accused of stirring up trouble in the stores and being unprofessional for going over his head by contacting the corporate office.

    The situation was so intense that I thought he was going to strike me. His yelling was so loud that the office manager had to close the office door to avoid other employees from be distracted. I tried to defend my self by explaining that I did not contact our corporate headquarters but, to no avail he just continued to shout that I had no right to go over his head.

    I feel sick over this matter and have been avoiding my supervisor ever since. Our company’s corporate policies outline strict “no tolerance” guidelines for hostility in the workplace but, directs me back to my franchises local manager (which in this case is my boss). I have already typed a resignation letter but, have not turned it in because, I am wondering if I have a valid EOCC case.

    I love my job and I am wonderfully proficient at it. At this point I have attempted to contact the owner of the franchise who is the person who initially hired me for the
    position but, have yet to hear back from her.

    Do I have a valid EOCC complaint?

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    Do I have a valid EOCC complaint? No. Not even close. A hostile workplace refers to a work environment where there is a pervasive atmosphere of discrimination based on race, gender, religion, etc. It has nothing to do with the boss going berserk. While your boss's behavior was extremely inappropriate and unprofessional, no laws were violated.

    You should tell the franchise owner what happened as soon as you can speak with her. This is entirely an internal matter for the company/owner to handle.


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