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Denied Unemployment... Need help.... Please...

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  • Denied Unemployment... Need help.... Please...

    I was fired from my job at an accounting firm in Nashville for company violation. They say that I violated a confidentiality policy. Some background... I was having marital trouble and my husband called me at work and told me to do a print screen of my work email inbox. (he wanted to see if I was getting personal emails at work)... I did so.... then the following day I was called in and fired for violating company policy. They said that by emailing my husband a printscreen snapshot of my inbox was a violation of confidentiality. I dont understand this for all my inbox shows in email addresses of other employees who have sent me emails for various reasons such as work information or other. I do not deal with clients and there was no "confidential" information that could be seen. Anyone can call the firm and ask for someone's email address who works there... so I dont understand... Can someone please give me some advice? I appealed and it was denied again... The first time the appeals officer called she could not get the employer on the phone... she then was 2 minutes after the 15 minute deadline when she called back with the employer on the line. Does that mean anything? Can I request a copy of the confidentiality policy to see exactly what it states? I signed it back 1 1/2 years ago when I was first hired but I was under the assumption that it was for client financial information, etc... Also, what does willful misconduct mean?

    Thank you so much for any info or advice you can give...

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