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School Districts California

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  • School Districts California

    I am not beating my head against a wall here, because everything was so much more simple in the corporate world for me....probably because I understood and knew all of the laws.

    Maybe you can help me or point me in the right directions. I am going to be going on pregnancy leave in August. In a school district because we don't pay into state disability we have to purchase our own STD, which I have done. My STD provider told me that after 5 straight days of being out my disability will take effect, which is great and comparable to state disabitility. My district office is telling me that I have to use all of my sick days, vacations day and comp days. In essence I will be getting paid by two different sources. Now, if I remember correctly in CA one could not be paid by both your employer and the state. I was wondering if something was wrong here. Any help is appreciated.

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    I'm not sure where you heard that, but it's generally not true. If your disability policy pays 100%, then being paid by your employer and the insurance company would be double-dipping. But if not (and this is much more common) your policy will pay for only a percentage of your regular wages (60% is the most common). During the waiting period, since you will most likely be on FMLA leave (public educational institutions are subject, no matter how few employees), the employer can require that you use paid leave.

    Have you spoken with HR regarding coordination of benefits? In other words, you would use 2 days paid time off per week (if STD is 60%) to keep your salary "whole"?

    What does the STD policy say regarding continued pay from the employer while you are receiving STD benefits?
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