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withholding first week's pay in Texas Texas

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  • withholding first week's pay in Texas Texas

    I am working a second job part-time at a laundry/dry cleaning establishment. The owner pays bi-monthly every other Friday. I started working on Feb 25th, and received my first paycheck on Mar 14th. The pay was for two weeks, and the pay periods on the check stub were 3/8 and 3/14. I asked the manager what happened to the first week that I worked, and was told the owner holds back a week, and I would be paid for it after I quit or am terminated. (Other employees have told me that no one is every paid for that week after they leave employment there.) Can he hold this first week of work back from my pay? If an empolyer holds back a week, don't they have to hold back the most current week's pay?
    This employer also has every new hire sign a form that he does not carry workers compensation insurance, and that the employee will not hold him responsible for any injury. Is this legal?
    This employer also has a 14 year old girl working on Saturday's for 9 hours straight. Is this legal?

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    That's biweekly, but let's move on.

    If, in fact, the pay period dates on the check are correct, then no, that is not legal and you can file a claim for unpaid wages with the TWC. However, it's also possible that the dates are incorrect; it is uncommon for hourly employees to be paid current, because that requires "forecasting" (assuming hours to be paid that haven't been worked yet) and that then requires retroactive pay.

    Texas is, if I remember correctly, the ONLY state that doesn't require employers carry Worker's Comp Insurance, as long as the employees are notified of that fact.

    Regarding the 14-yo, here are the restrictions for child labor in Texas:
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      Thank you for your reply, Patty.


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