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Amount of time in a day South Carolina

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  • Amount of time in a day South Carolina

    I have just started a new job: I am an exempt employee who is working 40 hrs/week. I was just informed that I am to work four 10 hours shifts. I am to start at 6a and work until 5p, taking 1 hour for lunch.

    My questions:
    1. Is it necessary to take a full hour for lunch if this is what is the general rule within the company?

    2. Should I choose to take my hour of lunch within the actually 10 hour day and only get paid for 9 hours - is this appropriate?

    Working a 12 hour shift is hard enough for 3 days, much less, working an 11 hour day for 4 days...

    Thanks. Kiko

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    1. If that's what the company says, then yes, you take an hour lunch.
    2. You're exempt. With very limited exceptions, that means you are paid a fixed salary no matter how many (or few) hours you work. However, if the company says 10 hours of work a day, then that's what you do.

    It is an urban myth that exempt employees can set their own work hours/schedule. The employer has every legal right to set them and failure to comply with the company work schedule can result in termination.
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