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Where can we turn? Ohio

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  • Where can we turn? Ohio

    Hello, I've worked for my current employer for 11+ years. It is a "union" shop..but one really couldnt tell just by watching how things are ran now. Things were not too bad a few years ago...but now one of our fellow production "union brothers" who was our union steward, at least on the surface, has now gone sallary to production foreman to now company superviser. We are a contractor inside another company. Not to go into too much detail here, this is the most vial, deceptive, abusive, manipulative, tormenting individual I have ever experienced.

    Ever since he took over, he has gradually diminished our union rules, and breaks all the rules he once used to fight for us that are now in his favor. And it seems he has our union in his back pocket. He has taken our lunch away, breaks our work sched rules, our attendance rules, literally makes us work wire to wire and even makes us stay over till we get what he feels is enough, even though its never been that much in the past, he threatens and intimidates us all with our jobs, or messing up our vacations, or threatening making us work hours he knows we wouldnt want, or making us do physical cruel kind of work, what ever it may be, etc etc, like I said, this is the most abusive, vial human I have ever seen. Im sure hes a "God send" for the company who reaps all the benefits off our backs now that he has us doing the work of 2 or three that used to do it.

    Hes completely out of control, but he has us as if it we're "hidden in the backroom" where no one can see what hes doing. We need help. But we are afraid, he has wrongfully gotten rid of, one way or the other, our senior guys who used to fight back and stand up for our rights. All thats left are a few passive people, myself included, and some new people who are just scared. Its really geting mentally and physically(as far as extra work and "get u back" work goes) abusive...all of us would leave if we could, but its not that easy, we dont know what to do. What can we do to get this out in the open without him finding out whos behind it, he would surely find another corrupt way to fire that person etc etc.

    Sorry for dumping all this...but we dont know where to begin. I edited an example, it might be to specific, and it wouldnt surprise me in the least if he isnt lurking around some of these sites. This has to stop somehow. Hes getting carried away with his ego more and more everyday hurting and abusing people. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Have you contacted your local union president?
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      Hello Pattymd,

      I havent personally, (for fear of him finding out somehow) and our new union steward has been trying to get stuff done "we think" but nothing ever gets done. We have our suspicions about him because hes relatively new and has had quite a few family members get hired so....who knows. The thing is we actually work for a decent company and union, but we are like a small division and we just dont seem to get the same representation as all the other workers in that union. It seems we are over looked somehow.

      The major company we work for recently had a lockout...and some of "other operators" in our union came in and operated equiptment and they couldnt believe we were in their union, because of how we are treated and all the stuff we are made to do. All during the lockout they had us doing one of the "other companies" guys pay, its a 55-60k a year job. We have been told for almost 2 years now "we are working on something for you guys about getting paid for it" First it was "well its a lockout, lets just get through this, then it was we will see" etc....and to this day we are still doing this guys job which has simply never came back.

      Now we are being held accountable for all the responsibility of it and more work is even being added to it. We have no SOP for this job and i think its because our boss knows its actually not our job and if he makes a standard operating procedure for it he will have to pay us etc. I mentioned this somewhat, and he took the other companies SOP book for their job and said..."here is the SOP." And now after along time we are supposedly having a "union meeting" about it....but we all know nothing is gonna get done. It never has. Alot of the guys arent even gonna go because they know its useless and a waste of time. So now im left to be isolated if I do actually go and point all this stuff out. And the last guy who tried to speak out about all this as im now trying to fired...a 15+ year guy. He got fired for doing something our boss had always told us to do, because it makes production faster, but isnt right....but he pointed it out to the company we work for, they looked into it, and fired him over it. This guys is unbelievable.

      People are afraid to file grievances because of how our boss is. One guy, who he refused to pay for something, (im trying to not be too specific in case hes on these boards himself)...filed a grievance....and the next day when he was locked out..our boss who has master keys to all our locks, came over on site...and said "hey, are you locked out? He said yes....our boss pulls out his lock and puts it in his face and sure you wanna go through with that grievance now!!? Its this kinda character that we are dealing with..he has complete control and he knows it. He knows we have weak union representation, (after all he was our union steward when he worked with us), and mostly passive and or new employees, now that hes managed to push out or fire most of the senior guys.

      Well there i go again, its just soo much thats been going on for so long, sorry about that...but to answer your
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        Anyone else have any ideas about how to get this out in the open legally without the employer being able to know whos doing it? This guy would without a doubt somehow fire whoever attempts to get him exposed. He keeps making new procedures and rules to the point that he could fire anyone anyday one way or the other if he wanted to, and he would do it.

        Ive worked for meticulous bosses etc...but it was usually just to make things better and safer etc...this guy intentionally makes up so many rules etc knowing we CANT do them all and be able to produce the quantity he demands at the same time. Hes made comments such as..."oh im like a snake in the grass, i can wait and get any of you eventually." I really wish i could express the nature of this guy...hes simply evil.

        Any help would be appreciated, thx


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