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Home office and travel time Arkansas

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  • Home office and travel time Arkansas

    Hello, I work in field service and have seen my question posted in several places on the internet answered in differing ways.

    I work for a company that allows me to work from my home and call it a "home office". I do use a company car that I DO incur a monthly expense for. I store parts and supplies in my garage until they are needed on a job, in many cases I have parts held at a Fed Ex facility which I pick up first thing in the morning. We have no office or other facilities to report to within the state.

    I am required to be ready to walk out the door at 7:15 AM in the event that a call comes in.
    I am also required to check e-mail before leaving the house each day. The company car sits in my driveway.

    When I walk out the door each morning, heading to my first work site I consider myself an agent of the company and thus should be paid for every minute that I am benefiting the company.

    Question 1: If I am required to do administrative work before 8:00 AM (checking e-mail) should I be paid from 7:15 AM to 8:00 AM if I leave the house at 7:15 AM, after checking e-mail, on my way to my first work site?

    Question 2: I made it specific that I do incur an expense to have the use of the company vehicle. Does this make a difference as I have seen this stated on the University of Kansas web site?

    Also what are the compensation requirements if we are working past our normal shift and then have to drive two hours back to our "home office?

    The company policy is that we are required to take a lunch hour. In field service this is seldom the case. The policy is that if we are going to work through lunch we have to call our manager and get approval. We have to send him an e-mail to make the time correction and he then has to go into the timekeeping application and correct our timesheet. Most of the time the response will be to take our lunch hour later in the day.
    We use an electronic PDA -type device that automatically deducts the lunch hour and there is nothing that we can do locally to correct the timesheet. Most of the time we have no access to e-mail in the field.

    Question 3: Are there any legal implications with the "company" automatically deducting this time and not allowing us the ability to correct it ourselves. If my paycheck is my responsibility, I want control of it.
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    If your company says you take lunch, you take lunch. The ability to alter the timesheet yourself is not required. Are you notifying your manager so that he can adjust the timesheet accordingly?

    Public sector rules and policies do not automatically translate to the private sector. What expenses are you incurring on the company vehicle? Can it also be used for personal use?

    Travel time to the first assignment of the day and home from the last are not compensible time. Checking email before you leave in the morning does not automatically convert this to compensible time, though the time spent on email may be compensible.
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