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Missclassification California

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  • Missclassification California

    I work for a large health care organization in CA. I believe I am missclassified in my job title. When I was hired, I was told that i would be 50% analyst and 50% admin support for my manager. As it turns out, I am about 90% admin support and 20% analyst/project management - note I cannot do my job in a full work week and typically work more than 40 hrs a week. Additionally, there used to be an aministrative assistant in our group, but that position was promoted to the same title as me and now we're both doing only admin work and not being given the work, opportunity or support to do the job as noted in the job description. Instead I (we) support the group with scheduling meetings, ordering lunch and office supplies, etc.

    To add more fuel to the fire, last week, my manager told me that she didn't want me to continue working on the report that I was hired to work on. She said she didn't think it was usefull, yet, everytime I send the report out (quarterly) I always get requests to add people to the distribution and thank you's for the information. When one of my main supporters in the office moved to a new position, my boss saw this as her opportunity to make me her full time assistant. I see this as a demotion, specially since I was an Executive Assistant before coming to this group. I could have stayed there if I didn't want to change my line of work. Besides, she is not an executive therefore working for her as her assistant is a demotion anyway. Do I have any rights? Can I lose my job for taking action?

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    If your employer wants to change your job duties they may do so. Job descriptions are not required and are just the employer's opinion about what any given person should be doing.

    If you are unhappy with your current duties and work distribution, your recourse is to discuss it with your manager and see ifthey will voluntarily make changes or seek employment elsewhere.
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      Agreed, although there is one possiblity that might be worth looking at. Exempt status is a function of actual job duties (not titles). If you are classified as Exempt and your job duties have changed, then maybe your Exempt status is also been made suspect.
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