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Potential Employer Reneges on Confirmed Offer Illinois

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  • Potential Employer Reneges on Confirmed Offer Illinois

    I was recruited by a company in a highly regulated business through an executive search firm. I underwent candidate screening through both the search firm and the principal. In both cases, I authorized in writing intensive and extensive background checks, my records from all sources indicated that I am competant and qualified, have no disciplinary,regulatory, or other ethical issues, and my references were excellent. I made full disclosure over the four months negotiation time of all prior and current matters that could have any bearing whatsoever on the decision to hire me. The potential employer has had several bad years financially speaking.My hire date was pushed back supposedly in order to help me obtain the benefit of a new series of contract issued incident to realizing the writedown. I received an offer letter and was told that my previous background checks had now expired, and as a matter of due diligence, would have to be performed again,and was assured that this routine. Since I knew my records were substantially the same, except for a slight improvement in credit matters, I again signed the authorization. The offer letter gave a start date (with a typo- the year was backdated my one year), it listed salary, title, etc. and a qualification that my start date was contingent on actually passing the background checks again).
    I was told to expect confirmation and an on-boarding email within the next week. Near the end of the first week, I checked in, and was told they were swamped, nothing had come back. I checked in again at midweek the following week. and the assistant referred me to her boss who had issued the offer letter. He called me at the end of the week to tell me they were rescinding the offer, and gave me masses of lame objections. Among the objections was an allegation that my record checks had not really come back "clean." That is patently untrue. I also know for a fact that the company fairly frequently hires persons with records that are factually difficult, with many customer complaints, regulatory actions, and not necessarily stellar performance results besides. During the conversation, he invited me to contact him to discuss matters further. I discussed this with the recruiter. We are both perplexed. We see one of three plausible scenarios: an erroneous result from a background check, or perhaps somebody was having a very bad day when contacted to discuss me and perhaps was overtly or subtly negative in the discussion, or I am being tested out to see how I handle the ultimate rejection. A fourth alternative is they need to hire barracudas to make up for several years of sad and sorry results.
    I told him I would call since, I am owed a thorough and factual explanation. I am not sure I now want to work in an organization that would cut the legs out from under me to test my mettle and resolve, if that is the reality of the situation,even if they sweeten the deal. I am concerned that this also may negatively impact my chances of being hired as an employee or contracting as an independant, since I now have to disclose this result, too, and that they may put negative comments on my regulatory record. What should I do?

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    Take them up on the offer to find out more regarding why you were not selected. I'm not sure why you think you need to report where you have applied and been turned down to any other future employers and no one here knows why you weren't selected. Call and ask.
    I post with the full knowledge and support of my employer, though the opinions rendered are my own and not necessarily representative of their position. In other words, I'm a free agent.


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      Reply to ElleMD

      I am required to disclose and explain to the best of my ability being denied a contract by any NYSE/FINRA member when asked by any member, and even if I didn't, hirings, terminations, and denials are recorded by the regulators on each candidate's record that is maintained by the authorities.


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