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Verbal Abuse in New York

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  • Verbal Abuse in New York

    I started working for my employer almost 6 months ago. My supervisor has been verbally abusive to me since I started working there. I'm supposed to go to her with questions since I am still training on the job. The problem is her answers are always rude and condesending. I confronted her one time letting her know how umcomfortable I felt with the way she treated me and talked to me. She told me she had a problem with me because she felt I was a person who cannot be trusted, conniving and a liar. She could not really give me a good reason why she thought that. My only reaction to all of this was that I just avoided interacting with her as much as possible. I finally had enough and went to the President of the company who is her direct supervisor as well as mine, and told him about everything that was going on. He said to give him some time to think about all this. A week later, he was telling me that he felt it's not working out between us and offered me a severance agreement. I feel that he didn't do anything to resolve this, not even talked to her. Instead, he decided to get rid of me. Is this legal? Should I take the severance and move on or should I fight him legally? Any input would be appreciated.

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    Unless the alledged abuse took place because you belong to a protected class then its unfair but not illegal. Your fortunate they even offered a severrence package they are not required to.


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      Agreed, 2 months severance after only 6 months employment is quite generous. I would take it and move on.
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        Thanks for responding. This was very helpful.
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