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Another question.... Iowa

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  • Another question.... Iowa

    In the factory where I work, there are over four hundred workers. There are a couple of people who have had some problems with attendance, who were put on probation for a couple of months. They were asked to sign an agreement that stated the missed time, and the terms of possible further disciplinary action, should they miss more work, in an alloted amount of time.

    There was also a list of employees who had missed more than a predetermined amount of work that was circulated around the plant to the leadmen and supervisors, with the names and the numbered placement, according to the missed number of work hours. (the employee missing the most hours was number one, then the next lesser amount was number two and so on)

    There is a large sign with a safety/accident quota posted right next to the time clock in our area. This sign is a quota that the company wants to stay under, that being, the number of accidents that are reportable in the production area. (missed time accidents...those accidents that require a visit to the doctor, taking an employee from production, even if it is for only a day) There has already been one since the first of the year, and they put that persons name, and the date of the accident, and the area that they work in.

    I guess that I question the ethics that are involved here. There are probably no legal feet to stand on concerning these issues, but there are ethical ones.
    I do not think it is anybody elses business, concerning the attendance issues, but the worker and his immediate supervisor(s), and the plant manager, who needs to see a list of ALL employees who have missed work, and their ranking on this list?

    The aggreement document that was signed for the small number of employees has not been done anywhere else in the plant, in any other area, and was not done with other employees who had missed more work than these few who were asked to sign it.

    The large sign issue almost borders on a form of public my opinion.

    I guess I am asking if these actions towards the employees are legal, and if so, why is that so?

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    Wouldnt the solution to be to show up to work and on time!?


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      They are legal because there is no law prohibiting them. Sounds like the employer is trying to make a point by announcing those who are on shaky ground as regards attendance.
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        I agree with both responses. It is legal. It is legal because no law says it is illegal. And if you don't want your poor attendance posted for all the world to see, get yourself to work on time.

        It is not even remotely any form of illegal harassment.
        The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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