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Intimidation at work? Help? Maine Michigan

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  • cyjeff
    First, sit down with your new manager.

    Explain the situation. Do it off hours if you have to - I took one boss out for coffee, on me, just so we could clear the air.

    If you have never explained yourself to this manager, all your new manager has to go on is what she heard from your old manager. That is a situation you need to take by the horns.

    Second, ask about this sales quota. Ask about what numbers are to be achieved and what benefits or bonus you can expect for acheiving and/or exceeding your goals.

    If these talks don't work or if your manager refuses... not just says, "not tonight" but refuses... call HR anyway. I would also inform HR that their incentive policy is counter productive. By compensating managers on the LACK of HR calls, their phones must be really quiet... a really bad situation.

    All HR phones are busy. There are always a hundred details to work out with employees. Telling managers to prevent calls to HR (which is what their incentive plan effectively does) just means that there is a huge HR problem on the horizon ready to blow.

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  • TSCompliance
    "Within a few weeks, I was transferred to a different location (apparently I was viewed as the "problem!") "

    Not necessarily. At my company one of themes is "don't move a problem around." If a staff person is a "problem," moving them to a new venue only presents them with new opportunites to cause trouble. We keep addressing the issues with the problematic person in their current site, and hopefully get rid of either the behavior or the person.

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  • Becca18
    Wow... that's terrible. You should call HR and let them know about this. This seems like a big problem and you should definitely stand up for yourself.

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  • silvergirl12
    started a topic Intimidation at work? Help? Maine Michigan

    Intimidation at work? Help? Maine Michigan

    a few months back I took a position at a nationally recognized spa-chain. A few weeks into my employment, I realized that the manager was doing a lot of immoral, unethical things. She then informed me that we were NEVER, under any circumstances, allowed to call corporate or HR (managers get a monthly incentive bonus if they receive no hr, payroll, etc. errors)A few weeks later, A member in my family became very ill, and I called in advance to let my manager know I might need some time off (left her a voicemail). She promtly returned my call and proceeded to tell me all of my shifts had been given away, she couldn't "wait around" to hear from me (my family member was dying). I proceeded to call HR, and let them know what was going on. Within a few hours, manager called me back to ask if "I would possibly like some of my shifts back!" Within a few weeks, I was transferred to a different location(apparently I was viewed as the "problem!") My new manager has been very stand-offish and almost mean to me, while she is very nice to everyone else. Even some of the other employees have noticed this, and told me so. I have come to find out that my old manager has told new manager all types of untrue, negative statements about me, which I have come to believe is hindering my sucess and promotion at company. Is this considered defemation of character?

    Also, my new manager also informed me that we were "never, ever, ever, allowed to call hr." ( obviously old mgr. informed new manager I called hr) I have a business degree, and am not an idiot!!! new mgr. recently pulled me into the office and informed me I was being put on probation, for not meeting a monthly sales goal. This is the first time I have EVER heard that I was required to meet a monthly sales goal, and was never before informed of any numbers. I have never signed any employee contracts, etc. and of course the handbook doesn't state anything regarding this. Some of the other employees haven't met their quotas, have worked their longer than me, and haven't been put on probation. I feel as though I am seriously being discriminated against because I am not afraid to stand up for what is right!

    I am always on time, very professional, do whatever is asked of me, and always volunteer to stay later without complaint. I know all about employee at will, and all of that, but does this apply here??

    Thanks in advance..any help would be forever appreciated!!
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