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  • wage info Alabama Alaska

    Is it legal in the state of Alabama for your employer to post your wages on a bulletin board for all other coworkers to see? Things such as rate of pay, hours worked for the week, and how much your check will be docked.
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    Probably legal. Wages and hours are not inherently confidential under law. In fact, there are laws that specifically state that employees are allowed to discuss their wages with each other and it is publically held companies tend to report officer compensation. It is very common for hour information to be very available because in work environments involving scheduling quick access to this information is often necessary. Many people (including me) would argue that posting everyone's wages publically is a great idea because it helps to prevent employer's from making reallly dumb wage decisions that need to be covered up later. Avis in the 1960s for example made everyone's wage information internally available for a few years. That was legal then, and is still legal now.

    The "how much the check is docked" information is more complicated. Certain types of deductions such as wage garnishments have a certain level of indirect confidentiality associated with them. The fact that an employee has a deduction for medical insurance probably is not a big deal per se (almost everyone has one if medical insurance is available), but (hypothetically) the fact that the coverage is for a domestic partner might be.

    Most payroll and human resource departments err on the side of caution and keep pretty much everything confidential, including many things that as far as anyone can tell have no real legal basis for confidentiality. Social security numbers and birth dates probably should be legally confidential but surprisingly mostly are not. Examples of things with actual legal confidentiality include medical conditions and visa information. Past that, it is generally a really dumb idea making any information available to an employee's supervsior and manager that you do not want them to be taking job actions on.

    Now having said that could a employer go out of their way to take what would normally be a legal action (making salary information public) and turn that into an illegal action? Maybe. If (hypothetically) an employer were to publish salary information for female employees only, could this be a Title VII violation. I am not sure, but I would not be in any hurry to test that particular law.

    In your case, look to exact what information is being made available and why.
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      Hours worked I can understand; that is a productivity issue.

      The others, although there is basically no law that says the employer can't share everything but their underwear, it's a really dumb idea, IMHO, and doesn't serve any purpose but to pit one employee against the other.

      Do you have any idea why the employer thinks this is a good idea?
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