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Working Papers question-MA Massachusetts

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  • Working Papers question-MA Massachusetts

    The owner's 15 yr old son will be working for us a few hours a week. The company isn't incorporated and the father is the sole owner.

    Does the son need working papers since it is a family business?


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    The IRS rules for family employees can be found in IRS pub 15. I find your question about "working papers" rather curious however. If you are talking about I-9 testing, there is no exception that I am aware of for family members. Read the rules from the publication and see if you still have a question.
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      In Ma children between the ages of 14-17 need papers signed by their parents, school and (for 14-15) physician before they can work. I know there are exceptions to other minor child laws due to it being a family business. I looked at the MA website and asked another source but can't find the answer.

      He had the I-9 and W-4 to fill out.


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        That's not by any stretch limited to MA, by the way; quite a few states have that ruling.

        How many hours a week will the son be working and what will he be doing?
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          He will only be working about 4 hrs. He will be straightening up supplies in our storage locker, loading the supplies into the truck (pickup with cap). More or less the grunt worker doing jobs his father doesn't have time for.

          It is a firm which installs and repairs phone systems.


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            Can 14-year old load supplies? I'm just thinking weight and "hazardous jobs". I honestly don't know, but something to maybe look at.
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              I hadn't thought about the weight. However the heaviest box we have is probably 20-25 lbs.

              I did caution the owner about not allowing his son on a ladder.


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