I had a good friend from high school about two months back pull me into a restaurant he was starting with the intentions of me being the bar manager. He never told me that until the restaurant opened I would not be payed for any of my services. Also I was never informed that I would be left to manage the entire place. Once the computer system was set up i started to punch in averaging almost 16 hours a day. Basically I was opening the doors for my and their employees and locking up at night (sometimes at 3 in the morning). When he saw how many hours I was logging he told me that he had moved me to a salary pay and that there was no need for me to clock in. So now that i look back there are no true records of my hours, and i have still not been payed. Two days ago Tuesday 15th I had enough and quit. I went in on Wednesday to talk hours and final pay out for my work. In which I was told I would be payed 7.50 for 120 hours of work. Well that math doesn't work at all since i was opening and closing the place 7 days a week for almost 2 months? Also that doesn't really account for me being on salary if he is going to pay me hourly. He said also that i wouldnt' be able to prove my hours do to the fact that there were no clock in or out records on the computer system. I was also told that if I wanted he would say that He fired me so that I could collect unemployment?!? Ok, I'm young, but something is not right with whats going on here. What should I do to make sure I am rightfully payed for the job that I had done and done well?
Extremely Concerned!!!