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Can I quit my job and still be eligible for Unemployment Benefits? (California) California

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  • Can I quit my job and still be eligible for Unemployment Benefits? (California) California

    I work for a small non-profit in Southern California. The executive director of the organization called me into his office last week.
    He informed me that effective immediately, my position would be converted from a full-time position to a part-time position.
    My question is:
    If I were to hand in my resignation, would I be eligible for unemployment benefits in the State of California, based on the fact that I was essentially forced to resign due to the extreme and swift change in my working conditions (my pay).
    I really need help!
    Thank You

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    No you were not forced to resign you were given a reduction in hours. Actually you have a better chance of benefits if you take the hours reduction and file for UIB based on hours reduction. Of course during those off hours you can seek other employment


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      Just to add to panther's excellent summary, CA is a "just cause" state, meaning that if you had just cause for leaving a position, you could still potentially collect UI even if you resign. A drastic change of pay or hours could qualify as just cause.

      As a practicle matter, find another job before you quit. No sense risking the rent on an admin law judge.


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        Thank you everyone for answering my questions. I have been reading up on the "just cause" clause within the pertinent statutes and Im starting to see that I would have “just cause” to resign. But again that’s my view, im sure an admin judge can knock that down if he/she saw otherwise.
        So joec, are you saying that due to reduction in pay (33% or more) I would be eligble for unemployment?


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          The actual amount is dynamic. However, a decrease of one-third may very well get you some UI benefits. What do you lose by filing while you're still working? Nothing. Use the off hours to job search. The state would be more accommodating if you are getting some income than none at all.
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            Also keep in mind that if you quit and file for UB your company can appeal this and you may not get any benefits until outcome of appeal. (Usually about 30 days down the road) even two weeks could be a long time with no income. However if the income reduction is sufficent enough there can really be little your employer can do to appeal. Your much better off keeping your current job and filing for UB while working the reduced hours.


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