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California unpaid wages

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  • California unpaid wages

    I went to labor commissioner, won the case, they entered a judgement, its been 5yrs unable to collect.

    What do I do, take this as a huge loss, tax write off???

    So the judgement was entered on August 6, 2003.

    Department of Industrial Relations
    Solona County/Superior Court

    I was awared $13,333.34 for wages Section 98.1(c)
    1,380 Interest Section 98.1
    9,230 for addition wages accrued Section 203 (as penalty)

    Total was: $23,944.86

    I called FTB and they stopped collection attempts in 2006.

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    Talk to a lawyer. That is your best bet.
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      You won't be able to write the unpaid wages unless you had basis in them (i.e. you had included them in income at some point). You might be able to write off any expenses you incurred in trying to collect the wages. You should definitly sit down with your tax guy.

      Too add to ElleMd's advice, you should contact a "collections" attorney, which is a specialty unto itself. You might even be able to unload it onto a factor/debt collector.


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