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Overtime + Training Michigan

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  • Overtime + Training Michigan

    My employer is ok with paying overtime for the job Salary in this case $9 I know but the economy here stinks trying to get by. and trying to get raises I have work with them since last summer they say I'm a great employee but are yet to give me or anybody else I know a raise so somebody hired today makes the same wage. yeah makes me feel good. but my other issue is from time to time they do training which may put me over 40 hours there policy that training pay is separate not only get overtime but they only pay minimum wage for the training is the legal. company is based in Ohio this might be ok there but my understanding in Michigan it is not. and is it legal for them to pay minium wage when my base salary is $9. to put it simple.

    40+ hours do I get overtime even for training held in there office
    Can they pay me minimum wage for the training.
    working on the raise part but if I find something better I will be history.

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    Here are the laws regarding training. Note in the first section, that ALL 4 must be true, otherwise the time is compensable.

    Now, once the training hours are compensable (i.e., work hours), then they must be included with your regular work hours when determining whether or not overtime is due. The training hours may, however, be paid at minimum wage. Makes the overtime calculation a little more complex, but it is legal.

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