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Overpaid Vacation Tennessee

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  • Beth3
    Your wife should ask her manager/HR why the data entry date matters. Surely vacation time is accrued based on hire date, not the date someone happens to get around to entering the information in the system. (If they do the latter, then just about everybody's vacation accrual would be off to some degree.) It certainly is not fair that she should be penalized because someone didn't get around to entering her info for 3 or 4 months.

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  • tthomasson
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  • tthomasson
    started a topic Overpaid Vacation Tennessee

    Overpaid Vacation Tennessee

    My wife took some vacation time in December for which she was paid for. She was told she had X hours vacation time that she could use. So she used X hours. Last week, she was told that they would be holding X hours from this paycheck.

    They gave the reason that, due to a "glitch" in the system, she had not been a entered as a full-time employee until October 07. She was told she was full-time status as of June 07, and the new pay-scale reflected that.

    The lag in data-entry is what cause the difference in accrued vacation time. She was told she was full time, but no one "entered it in the computer" until October, even though she had been working 40 hour + weeks since May 07, and being paid full-time pay.

    I'm not sure that they have a valid argument here, based on the fact that upon reaching full-time status, her pay increased accordingly (as specified by her employment contract, which I'll have to read again).

    I guess I'm just looking for advice here. Any would be appreciated.
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