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Employer threatening to dock wages Florida

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  • Employer threatening to dock wages Florida

    My employer recently sent out a mass e-mail threatening to dock wages for not wearing name tags. They state they will dock pay 50 cents per hour for 30 days.

    Is this legal?

    Thank you

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    A very soft maybe. I'm assuming you don't have an employment contract or covered by a union contract, right? However, if you wear the name tag, not a problem.
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      Yes, there is a dress code contract I signed, however it does not mention name tags. I know I am being petty, and I do wear my name tag, but it's the principle.

      Thanks for your quick response.


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        It may be a bluff.
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          The employer cannot take you below minimum wage for what is described. You have received prior notification of the action. An employer in theory could simply change your base wage to 50 cents lower (subject to MW) and give an optional 50 cent/hr bonus for complying with work rules. That would be legal (on a go forward basis) in all 50 states if done correctly. The exact method you describe would be questionable in some states. However, you are in Florida, which other then a higher then federal MW, basically not only does not have much in the way of labor laws, but also got rid of their state's DOL some years ago, so FL basically no longer enforces what little they have in the way of state labor law. You can try suing your employer, but it is the results would be far from a sure thing (unless they fail to pay you MW).

          I am with Patty. Wear your name tag. Also just to be clear, firing employees for failing to wear name tags would be legal.
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