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employer not giving expense reimbursements, not paying compensation Federal

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  • employer not giving expense reimbursements, not paying compensation Federal

    I appreciate the response to my earlier post. In fact, there are several employees living in different states that are not getting bonuses and other compensation from the company as outlined in the employment contracts. In addition, the company is not reimbursing expenditures that were approved before the expenditure was done. There is no lack of cash in the company to cover all of this, just management refusal to give any kind of reason or make some action.

    Is it adviseable or possible for us (the employees) to go in together for filing a suit? If so, which location would be best for this? I assume federal court isn't possible or am I wrong?

    Last, we are all recognized and respected in our markets and applications as legitimate experts. Each one's credibility in the market has been severely undermined and basically destroyed by misinformation and flat out lying from the management about the capability (which hurts us in finding new employment). Everyone was aware of a certain level of risk but the customer buy-in told to us from the management turned out to be another lie. So, the second set of questions is easy to guess- is there a way to file suit for other damages to cover these issues? If so, what advice can you give? Or were we all just too naive?...

    It is a strange situation... I appreciate all advice!

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    I'm not going to go searching for your previous thread. If you want to edit this post to include a link to it, you'll get much better responses.

    If there are bona fide, enforceable employment contracts, then the employees need to see an attorney to determine if, in fact, a breach exists and what recourse they might have.
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