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General Manager Changing Punch Times (Massachusetts)

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  • General Manager Changing Punch Times (Massachusetts)

    What do I do about my General Manager changing my timeclock punches without my permission. This has cost me to lose Several Hundreds of dollars in overtime that i have already worked. Im even Missing a Whole Day off of my pay check that WAS PUNCHED. Im not too sure how i should go about this. I can not afford to lose my job. but i also can not be losing upwards of 30 hours a week of overtime. Help me Please.

    Should I Call The Labor Board of Massachusetts?

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    In Massachusetts, it is not the Labor Board, but the Attorney General's office you would call.

    Punching in does not automatically mean you were working and must be paid for the time. For example (and it is an exaggeration), let's say your shift is 11 PM to 7 AM. You punch in at 3 PM and do no work until the other machine operator leaves at 11 PM. You would not, should not be paid for the eight hours you were not working, even though you were "punched in."

    If you were working, you must be paid for all the time that you worked, including overtime.

    I find it difficult to believe that you are putting in 30 hours of overtime a week and not being compensated for it.

    All of the above is based upon you being a non-exempt employee (entitled to overtime). All bets are off if you are an exempt employee not entitled to overtime. In that case, you need only be paid a salary (generally speaking) no matter how many hours you work.
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      If you truly believe you are not getting paid for all hours worked & OT pay that you should be receiving, put in a claim with the Attorney General's Office. You need to be a non-exempt employee.
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        Thank You

        Thank You, I know it sounds outragous that i was shorted 30hrs in a week. We had a series of huge snow storms and i worked 2 over night shifts shoveling and sanding. the hours that i punched and i did work were missing completely off of my check. I am going to look at the Audit Trail for my Punch Card and see what he changed. Thank You So much. if any one else has any information i should know please post.


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