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Appealing Unemployment Georgia

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  • Appealing Unemployment Georgia

    I was told I had too many absences. They counted a approved vacation (5 days) when i was out of PTO. they said those count as absences if i'm out of PTO. No manager ever said anything about it. I checked my employee handbook and it says nothing about it. And they haven't provided anything with my signature showing i was aware. I've since talked to other employees and they all say they've never heard of it. Do i have anything? Also 1 of my unexcused absences were from a work injury. They had to take me to the dr.s after I got injured. I also want to subpeona my boss, who never told me about it when he had a chance. A co-worker to show they've never heard of it. And 1 boss who promised me Employee of the Month right before i was fired to show I was a good employee. Also they're is a part which says were you released right after everything happened. No, I wasn't. They let me work a week because its they're busiest week. Do you think I'll win, and how do I get people subpeonad. Thank You everyone.

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    why no replies?


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      Because we are all volunteers who do this o our own time. This is not Time Life. Operators are not standing by 24/7.

      No one can predict what the state will decide as far as UC goes. Subpeoning all those people isn't going to do a thing for you though. You weren't let go because your work was sub par so "proving" that you did good work is not going to help. Neither is one other coworker who was not aware of a policy. What matters is whether you knew there was such a policy or that your job was in jeopardy for attendance. There may not be a policy. It is still legal to terminate you, but your chances of getting UC are better.
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        Do you think I'll win, and how do I get people subpeonad. Win your unemployment appeal? That's impossible to say as we don't have all the information - such as how many absences you had in total, for what reasons, and over what period of time. I assume you were absent from work for more than the five days of excess/unpaid vacation and the day you were injured.

        If you want to have anyone suboenaed to be a witness at the UC, you need to contact the UC Division for that. The people you plan on suboenaeing and what you want them to testify to has no bearing on the legal issue at hand though.


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          I had 4 total then my vacation was 5 days, so that gave me 9. One of my 4 was from the injury. They prescribed me medicine that can not go with my previous prescription. I have my employee handbook and they're is no such policy in there. And all my co-workers never heard of it either. Also we all know it was because they didn't want to pay my xmas bonus. they do it every year to about 3 people at the same time.


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