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I-9 form and residency card Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho

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  • I-9 form and residency card Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho

    here is a question that has been bugging me for a while.

    on the I-9 form there are certain ID's we can accept as valid forms of ID, one of these is a residency card. Now, a residency card has an expiration date, yet, residents get a social security card with no restrictions. So if your residnect card expires, you can still turn in your DL and your social security card and satisfy the I-9 requirements. So here is my question(s):

    can an Employer leagally ask an employee to renew their residency card?

    When your Residency card expires, are you required to renew it?

    Because, it seems to me pointless to put en expiration on a card that also states "this person is entitled to live an work in the U.S. indefinately." and also pointless to give a permanent resident a social with no exceptions on it. We recently had that come up at work and the person at the time of hire had no social with them, but later brought the social with no exception, even though there residnect card was expired, according to the I-9 rules they had 2 valid ids, (social and DL) ...discuss,,,

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    A green card must be renewed by the person holding it, but it doesn't technically "expire" in terms of what you need for the I-9. As long as it is valid on the day they present it.


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      i know they cant come in with an expired residenct card to get a job, but if they already have a social security card with no excemptions and a valild DL, why would anyone want to go an renew their residency card? All they would need to do is present something other than a residency card and they would be fine.


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        Because they have to. It's just not in the employer's realm of responsibility. It's all on the employee. And USCIS will reach out and touch them if they don't.


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